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Welcome to New Star Media's Responsive Website Demo.  This website shows you what is possible with our responsive website product, how it works and the benefits you can expect from having a fully responsive car dealer website.

What is a Responsive Website?

A responsive website is a website that has been designed and built to provide an optimum viewing experience across as wider range of devices as possible.

Devices range from desktop computers, to laptops, tablets and mobile phones.  The responsive site automatically adapts to fit various screen resolutions to present the user with easy reading and navigation no matter how large or small their screen size.

How is it Different to a Mobile Site?

Our mobile sites are an excellent solution for most Car Dealers.  The provide you with clear navigation, stocklist, about page and a contact page.  They function well and have the appearance of mobile Apps.

However, their pages are indepedent of the "main" website.  So, if your website has a lot of pages with content that you need to add and alter regularly, you'd have to repear this process for the mobile site.

The beauty of a responsive site is that you only have one website which "adapts" to mobiles and other devices aswell as your desktop computer.  This means you only update each page once and you'll immediately see the changes across mobile, tablet and desktop devices.

So for customers with lots of content to add and regularly amend, we would definitely recommend a responsive car dealer website.

What Does this Mean for My Business?

For marketing your products and services, a responsive web site is the ultimate solution.
We are seeing up to 60% of visitors to our using mobiles and tablets accessing the New Star Media website.

Mobile usage has increased massively in the last 1-2 years and car dealer sites are very popular with mobile browsing. 

After checking our customers Google Analytics, we are seeing that one in three visitors are using mobile devices when viewing our customers web sites.

You NEED your web site to work on mobile devices, otherwise you risk one in three of your customers not being able to access your site quickly and going elsewhere.

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